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The second city as well as among the most prominent getaway destinations of the Algeria, located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Oran is among the most outstanding destinations, known for its colonial architectures, fantastic ports and magnificent heritage that have been kept preserved for centuries. To witness the utter beauty of Oran, travelers from around the world enjoy taking flights to Oran throughout the year and get lost in the wonderful diversity of this small, picturesque and charming port city. As a major port city of the country as well as a prominent transit point between Europe and African continent, the city remains flocked by both business and leisure tourists and you can witness the entire fan following by strolling down the bustling roads of Oran.

Take cheap Oran flights and enjoy a picturesque trip to the Algeria whilst exploring an awe-inspiring range of tempting attractions, covering both the city and outskirts including La Fontaine d'Aucour, Porte de Santon, Phare Cap D'aiguille, Dar el-Bahia, Palais de la Culture, Citadelle de la Casbah, Marche Medina Jedida, Plage de Madagh 1, La Porte d'Espagne, La Cathedrale du Sacre Coeur, La Gare d'Oran, Fort Santa Cruz, Chateau Neuf, Arene d'Eckmuhl, Chapelle de Santa Cruz, Place du 1er Novembre, La Grande Synagogue d'Oran and many more sites that are quite prominent in the city as well as showcasing the delightful architectural marvels from French colonial era that are majorly converted into public buildings as well as landmarks.

Take cheap Oran flights from SmartFares today and have a superlative getaway with the people you love whilst strolling down the roads of the northern most cities of the continent and exploring the vividness of French architecture. So, if you are feeling to have a wonderful getaway that comprises shopping, sightseeing, history exploration and more, then here is your chance to make it happen with the outstanding travel deals and offers on flights to Oran by SmartFares.

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