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Jeju is an island in the Korea Strait of South Korea, which is known for its volcanic landscapes, huge mountains and a wide range of attractions. This beautiful island is a popular tourist destination for all sorts of vacations and entertains all the visitors with a wide range of things to do and sights to explore. Known as the ‘Island of Gods’, it is an alluring island that boasts sandy beaches, majestic waterfalls and beautiful sunsets.

While planning a trip to Jeju, do not forget to explore its major attractions that include the Geumneung Beach, Jeju Folk Village, Folklore and Natural History Museum, Sinsan Park, Yomiji Arboretum, Hangpadu-ri Fortress, Yakcheon-sa, Hamdeok Beach, Coastal Highway, O'Sulloc Tea Museum, Jeongbang Waterfall, etc. To feel the magic yourself, plan a trip soon.

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